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The Chums are an underground group of talented outcasts thriving out of a small town called Riverhead in Auckland's rural country side. From a young age a small group of trouble makers gained the name "The Chums" from the parents of the community due to us not being in there category of what it was like to be a normal kid. Till this day it has stuck and with good reason, why you may ask? We have never changed or wanted to change our lifestyle we have always been doing the same loose s**t since way back. Our focus is beyond a branded clothing item, it is to bring together and showcase New Zealand's forgotten talent. Going all out in every aspect of what we do is key to our way of living. Whether it be fighting rough seas to get to remote fishing location, shredding NZ's unpredictable snowy slopes to just being the loosest crew at every hootenanny. We are New Zealand's most original underground movement growing more then a blind mans garden. 


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Covering the big blue.

The Chums love getting out on the water chasing tails. Nothing beats hitting the water with the crew packed with beer & banter. Any chum loves the ocean and gives it the respect it deserves. As a chum we are strong believers in taking only what you need so everyone can enjoy the ocean and what it provides. We are even more passionate about keeping our beaches clean of rubbish. Tight lines to all!



Trekking through the bush.

Who doesn't love a good hunt through rugged terrain? Misty morning peaks and dewy evening hills are another playground for any chum. The bush provides a perfect get away from the concrete jungle we are commonly surrounded by. There is no other feeling you can get by being out in the middle of nowhere surround by the shadows of trees and the singing of the thriving wildlife. Plus who doesn't mind filling there freezers full of fresh meat? Happy hunting fellow chums!



Shred on.

Making the trip out of Auckland to chase the snow is a common occurrence during the winter season. Many of the Chums love a prime shred down the mountain. We may be far from "pro" but that doesn't stop a true chum getting out and involved in the great winter culture NZ has to offer. After a sick days shenanigans its straight to pub for a beer or 12 to compensate for the sprained ankle.



Cowabunga dude.

Any summers day you'll be sure to catch a chum at almost every beach catching some gnarly waves or down at the river shredding up the wakeboard. Both two of a chums primary weapons of choice the surfboard and wakeboard are out the door faster than a speeding ticket on a summers day.



Hiss and a roar.

A muddy mess is the perfect chum bath. New Zealand has some of the best 4x4 tracks with even better scenic views to offer. The chums love putting their trucks to the test hitting bog after bog. Pack the chilly bin and the gas BBQ and you have the perfect day trip with the crew. Its also the best first date for wowing that tinder date you've been hiding from the lads with a naughty mud mission.



Full throttle.

Screaming pipes and hill hikes, who doesn't like the feel of the throttle wanting more? Whenever the chance to take out a fleet of bikes with the crew its a race to fill her up and strop down your noble steed. With plenty of local tracks and bushes to bash your definitely not a chum if you never crash.

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